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The End Of the School Year 26th May 2018


students, while giving the students the necessary space to enhance their skills and improve them by attending the school after the end of the tests in order to establish social and national responsibility through a series of activities.


The ministry said that students who are absent from the exams will be able to attend after completing the tests to ensure that they are well prepared. Those who have difficulties will be able to attend and get valuable knowledge sessions to prepare them so that they are ready for repeat tests.


Assistant Undersecretary for Evaluation and Curriculum Dr. Hamad Al Yahyai said: "The period following the end of the school year until July 5 is the right of the student to take the knowledge and knowledge in this time zone. He may need support or review in a particular subject , Or work on a project, or participate in the program of our ambassadors, and therefore this period is the best for it, because it has ended the pressure he lived throughout the study period ».


He added: «It is necessary to get to the stage to take the exam at the beginning of the academic year, and then after the treatment of weakness and accumulations, based on the outcome of this exam during the academic year to the end, and must be the exam a month before the end of the academic year, The Ministry applied the advanced examination system in group (B), so as to confirm that the measurement of the student's level of learning and not to judge it ».